The Barraki were prisoners of the Pit that were from Liagaona City.

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Liagaona City and the Invasion Edit

Kalmah's Rebellion was the cause of the Squid Revolution. Several Squid Farmers were involved, and told the Barraki to get off the land. Being the nearest city, they went to Liagaona City. Kalmah's Rebellion died down, and became the Barraki. The Liagaona City Invasion was a reborn version of Kalmah's Rebellion. The start of the war was devastating to King Whkishava. Kalmah was the leader of the rebellion and was a popular one. After Carapar's rough life as a Squid Farmer years ago, he hadn't gotten over the death of his friend Kallak. Pridak was the thinker of the rebellion, but lost his "train of thought" after the invasion. Takadox, Ehlek, and Mantax had grown into the Mini Rebels Group, also formed by Kalmah. The king banned the Barraki/Kalmah's Rebellion from his city, and put them in the Pit...his new prison built by his Maxilos robot.
Comic Maxilos

King Whkishava's Maxilos Robot Guarding the Pit

200px-Comic Barraki

Kalmah's Rebellion is Reborn in Liagaona City

The Pit Edit

In the Pit, the Barraki were formed officialy (all though called that earlier). Kalmah's Rebellion was ended, and Kalmah set off in search of help. He made it to the tunnels. The Toa Mahri later got to the Pit, where they were captured, escaped, and Kongu killed Mantax.Kalmah was not in the Toa vs. Barraki War.

Kalmah's Tunnel Battle Edit

Kalmah fought Kongu in the battle in the tunnels. He "killed" Kongu, and was satisfied. However, he did return to the Pit and canceled getting help.